Interview with Miriam Alden from Brunette Showroom

Last week DITC had the pleasure of sitting down with Miriam Alden, owner of Brunette Showroom, to find out more about her company, how she got her start and what it takes to make it in the industry.

With Brunette Showroom’s second anniversary coming up next month, Miriam has spent the last two years successfully establishing herself as the Western Canadian sales rep for many popular apparel and accessories lines. Included in these lines are Desigual, BB Dakota, QSW, Seychelles, C-Pack Jewelry, Sienna Ray Handbags and her sister’s stunning jewelry line Lisbeth Jewelry. The lines are beautiful and I had to muster the strength to stop myself from getting out of my seat during the interview to shop around.

Q & A with Miriam:

What prompted you to start Brunette Showroom?

After show jumping, I took the Sales and Marketing Program at BCIT. After graduating I was hired by the showroom for Kersh, which is a Canadian knit wear line. I got to represent the amazing brand and I built a lot of relationships in that time. I was with them for about five years. At the end of those five years I knew I needed to grow and become my own boss. I wanted to continue moving forward and starting my own business made sense.

What part of your job do you look forward to the most each day?

Definitely the people. We get to work with people we like no matter where we go. I have close relationships and friendships with the people I work with so I get to travel with good company.

Being an equestrian show jumper at a young age, what skills did you bring from that to your work now?

I was show jumping at Thunderbird in Langley. I started at the age of nine, cleaning out the barns. I treated it as a job, staying home to be with my horse, Annie, while my family would go on vacation. It taught me discipline. I had to be there every single day. I loved it though, I wanted to be there and I wanted to do it. I have a competitive nature, I compete against myself and that’s why I always need to grow. We also had to go to a lot of out of town horse shows so I had to be in different environments. I learnt to adapt.

What do you feel are the most important values to have in the business you’re in?

Treating people how you expect to be treated is really important. I think you get what you give. It’s important not to sell only to sell, you want to take interest in your clients and form relationships with them. Listen to what your clients want. You might not sell something because it’s not right for your client but instead you grow together over time. Relationships are so important in business. Also, helping other people in business and in your industry is important without expecting anything back.

What advice can you give to female entrepreneurs?

Just do it! The difference between not doing it and doing it, is doing it. Continue moving forward and believe in yourself. If you want to do something, you can. Several snorts of agreement were also given here by Miriam’s adorable pub, Gracie Jane (featured on the right).

xo La Femme

Written by: Melissa Lawson


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