“Changing the world, one life-makeover at a time.”

At LaFemme, we love female entrepreneurs. We especially love when those female entrepreneurs create charitable foundations dedicated to women’s communal self-esteem. When we heard about Caroline MacGillivray’s Beauty Night benefit and associated non-profit, we knew we were about to meet a potential idol.

This past December we celebrated an evening of women empowerment as hosted by Caroline and a few of her over 400 volunteers. These women reach out to the disadvantaged around East Hastings and instill a sense of self worth where there may otherwise not be any by offering free makeovers. Homeless, needy, and underprivileged are all princesses for a while as volunteers in the industry give them hair, makeup and wardrobe makeovers. The results have been amazing thus far, and during its 10-year run, Caroline has helped thousands of Downtown Eastside women and youth in assisting with health and wellness services.

We fully support Caroline’s efforts, applaud her success, and look forward to 10 more years of community rebuilding through trust and self-esteem.

Visit her website at http://www.beautynight.org and join us in this very special cause.

Be well Ladies.. until next time,



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Diamonds in the City & Operation Style bring you women's networking boutique events. Our goal is to connect & Support women entrepreneurs in Vancouver.
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